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A 2D platformer shooter.

You can get code here at github : https://github.com/JingShing/2D-Platformer-Pygame-shooter

keyboard & mouse

  • w, a, s, d to move t, y, g, h to move camera
  • f to shoot in front of character
  • m to switch mouse control camera
  • l to open test camera box
  • O to active enemy hatred
  • mouse to aim
  • left mouse key to shoot
  • right mouse key to melee attack
  • Q, R to switch weapon
  • 0 to switch shader
  • 9 to resize camera
  • + , - to scale camera
  • T, Y, G, H to move camera
  • 8 to fullscreen


  • left joystick to move
  • dpad to move. also can move camera by activing camera mode.
  • left joystick button to active dpad camera mode.
  • right joystick to aim.(need to open aim mode first)
  • right joystick button to active aim mode.
  • A to jump.
  • Y, B to switch weapon.
  • RT to shoot.
  • LT to melee attack.
  • RB, LB to scale camera.

Ver 0.1

Can use mouse to aim and used keyboard to control camera : scale camera, move camera, mouse control camera.

Ver 0.2

Add enemies and blood effect.

Enemy has a simple ai to aim player. And need to be trigger.

Ver 0.3

  • Add entity class to collect similar function and variable from player and enemies.
  • Fixed aim line to make it more correct.
  • Using weapon fail fixed.
  • Shooting will shake weapon now.
  • Add China variable to control blood is green or red.

Ver 0.4

  • Add switch weapon feature. Using list and index to change weapon.
  • Add melee attack system. Use right mouse button to melee attack.
  • AI can melee attack now. Improved AI_attack function.
  • Melee attack is part from up pos, down pos and middle pos has different value to edit.
  • Enemy will being intense if you attack in front of them.(多方位調整,目前有高、中高、中、低等攻擊位置,有正反兩面,所以有八位攻擊角。)
  • Create bullet function fixed. Now will record user.
  • Player shoot 8 direction.
  • press 8 to fullscreen.
  • Classify entity and weapon more graceful.
  • Add a dict to control shot bullet type.
  • Add resource path to each load to make sure exe will success.
  • bullet has health now.
  • Add a dict to collect weapon data
  • Add shield
  • Q can switch last weapon, E can switch next weapon.
  • Add map border
  • Add invinsible time
  • Dynamic bullet amount in map
  • Add a object class for item or moving particles.
  • Add flesh explode from dying entity.
  • Change Entity type and object type setting.
  • Add health bar. UI system first part done.
  • Add Weapon UI

Ver 0.5

  • Add object pool and 3 function about object pool. Now can store bullet in it.
    • move_to_object_pool(self, object)
    • take_from_object_pool(self, object)
    • seek_object_from_object_pool(self, object_type)
  • Update flesh move. Can add x direction by bullet hit.
  • Add particle to object pool.
  • Add joystick control.
  • Add player, enemy and weapon to object pool. -> weapon float bug
  • Fixed joystick aim.
  • Weapon spawn error fixed.
  • Add custom cursor.
  • Fixed cursor offset and aiming deviation.

object pool format process

  1. Set used_groups to store groups and old_self function to load new info\
  2. Find where you kill this object replace with move_to_object_pool(self)
  3. Find where you spawn this object replace with code below
    old_object = self.seek_object_from_object_pool('object_type')
    if old_object:
        old_object.old_object(self, reference...)

Up to do

  • background particle -> reference sword rain
  • skill
  • Drop item -> new class?
  • Ammo limit -> do it with UI
  • Menu
  • more weapon -> need data dict and file to edit
  • switch map system
  • networking -> socket?
  • Improve AI move
  • Change Character sprite -> I hate spritesheet
  • Add crouch system
  • Parkour system -> wall jump or something
  • Boss Fight
  • Random mode
  • Store System -> need money or credit
  • Mobile



  • melee weapon and melee attack system
  • switch weapon
  • shield
  • bullet across wall hack


  • enemy body flesh explode effect
  • UI -> HP, Enemy info , Ammo, Item Info, Map info ...
  • object pool to keep bullet and weapon.


  • xbox controller


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