A simple program that help you custom your keyboard typing sound
A pixel art style filter tool.
A simple prototype of 2D shooter.
A simple tool to make visual novel.
A visual novel about rainy city.
Visual Novel
A visual novel made by myself.
Visual Novel
A dialogue game. Still working on.
Interactive Fiction
A game that a girl was parasitized by a tentacle. So she start to attck people around her.
The first game I made last year. It's my first time to code and make game. It's using godot to make.
a game base on zelda like and soul like.
Role Playing
A demon based rogue-like game.
Role Playing
A dialogue editor made by pygame. You can edit lines and try it in the game window.
using pyopengl to make a 3d rotate test.
A easy card maker. You make your own TCG card with this tool.

Game I developed

Tool I made